Luxury Vinyl Flooring is has been an every growing style of flooring for a few years now. This type of flooring is taking over where laminate left off. That is the ability look like real wood and have the ability to resist water. They come in various styles that simulate wooden plank and natural stone. They are ideal for areas that like bathrooms and kitchens. In most cases they are designed to be water proof.        


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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

​Though we  distribute exclusively to the floor covering industry, consumers can contact us for a list of dealers in your area who sell our line of floor covering products.

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Nothing compares to the soft, warm and luxurious feeling of carpet under your feet. Carpeting provides a safe, comfortable spot for kids to play.  Sure, carpet requires a bit of extra maintenance compared to vinyl , wood, laminate or tile, but there's simply no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort.                             More..

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Attard Distributing is a wholesale floor covering distributor located in South San Francisco, and Sunnyvale, California . We  have been family owned and operated for over 25 years now. As a family, we have decades of experience in the floor covering industry, wholesale and retail. Our main goal was to provide a distributorship based on superior customer service.  We feel that service is something that many have lost site of in recent years. Providing a variety of  quality products isn't the only thing that makes a distributor important to its customers. Customer service is equally as important. Since we opened our doors in 1990, our main goal was to provide the highest level of customer service that we can.  As many of our customers would agree, we have not just met that goal, we have exceeded it.



PG Model Hardwood Flooring

We carry a selection of floor covering installation supplies in our South San Francisco Warehouse for those installers who want quick and easy availability. We carry blades, two types of staples, a wide array of transitional medals, multiple types of carpet seam tape and wood and concrete tackstrip to name just a few. We are here for you to make your flooring installation go as easy as possible. 

Engineered wood is an ever growing product line of hardwood flooring. Its a much more stable product when dealing with temperture  and humidity fluctuations.

Today laminate flooring can simulate the look of dozens of different natural hardwood materials. The printing process can also reproduce the appearance of a variety of natural stone, and ceramic flooring materials.

The wear layer of a laminate floor protects the material from stains and some spills,                             More...      


When purchasing a new floor, whether it ibe carpeting or floating floors. It is just as important, if not more important to find a carpet cushion or underlayment that will not only support the product for which it is installed under, but to provide sound deadening and thermal qualities and in some cases moisture protection.      


Hardwood Flooring