ProductType of FoamDensityGaugeYard Per RollColorBarrier
Black GoldStandard5.0 lb.3/8", 7/16",1/2"30 yardsBlack/GraySpecial Order
Gold RushStandard
5.3 lb.3/8", 7/16",1/2"
30 yards
YellowSpecial Order
Probond Standard
6.0 lb.3/8", 7/16",1/2"
30 yards
Blue/GreenSpecial Order
UltrabondStandard7.0 lb.3/8",7/16",1/2"30 yds.PurpleSpecial Order
7.0 lb.3/8", 7/16",1/2"
30 yards
Purple /PinkAvailable
JewelStandard8.0 lb.3/8", 7/16",1/2"
30 yards
MasterguardStandard8.0 lb.7/16", 1/2"30 yardsBlueStandard
PetblocMemory Foam8.0 lb.3/8", 7/16", 1/2"30 yardsGreenStandard
SupportguardMemory Foam10.0 lb.3/8",15/32"20 yardsPinkStandard
SupremeStandard10.0 lb.3/8", 7/16",1/2"
20 yards
Purple Special Order

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commercial synthetic fiber

​Wholesale Floor Covering Distributors

Upgraded carpet cushion

Standard Rebond cushion 

nonskid area rug padding

When purchasing a new floor, whether it ibe carpeting or floating floors. It is just as important, if not more important to find a carpet cushion or underlayment that will not only support the product for which it is installed under, but to provide sound deadening and thermal qualities and in some cases moisture protection. In many cases it's a good idea to upgrade the carpet cushion or underlayment, despite the quality of the flooring material to prolong the life the flooring .

​​Carpet Cushion

ProductRoll Sizes Sq. Ft. Per RollDescription
6' x 60', 12' x 60'360 ,720 Sq. Ft.Rubber backed, synthetic fiber nonskid that can be used on hardwood or carpet
Solid Plus3', 6', 9', 12' x60'180,360,540,720 sq. ft.  High grade vinyl compound. Antimicrobial protection. Fire-retardant and moth-proofed.          Guarenteed to maintain non-slip properties for 10 years.
6' x 100'600 Sq. Ft.Antimicrobial protection Fire-retardant and moth-proofed. Guarateed to maintain non-slip properties for 10 years.
6' x 65'390 Sq. Ft. Antimicrobial protection. Fire-retardant and moth-proofed. Guarenteed to maintain non-slip properties for 10 years.

Product                     Construction    Ounce Weight Yards Per Roll
Imperial IINeedle Punched Nylon18 oz.40
MarathonNeedle Punched Nylon20 oz.40
EmbassyNeedle Punched Nylon22,24,28,32,4040
Nova/ SyntexNeedle Punched Nylon22,24,32,4040
Revolution (Double Glue)Needle Punched Nylon3240
ProductMaterialGaugeOunce WeightDensity     WarrantyYards Per Roll
NapaUrethane with Double Barrier1/2" N/AN/ALife of the House30
MontereyUretane with Duble Barrier7/16"N/AN/ALife of the House30
SolanoFlat Synthetic RubberApprox. 3/8"90 oz.20 lb.Life of the Carpet15
ValenciaFlat Synthetic RubberApprox. 3/8"105 oz.21 lb.Life of the House12
Bonded Memory Foam with Moisture Barrier3/8 , 7/16", 1/2"N/A8.0 lb.Life of the House30
SupportguardBonded Memory Foam with Moisture Barrier3/8", 15/32"N/A10.0 lb.Life of the House20
Wool100% Needle Punched Wool3/8", 7/16" (approx.)24,36 oz.N/A
Healthier Choice  Frothed Polyurethane Memory Foam1/4",5/16",3/8",7/16",1/2"N/A