4 Layer Mattresses

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The top of the 12" Rejuvigel mattress consists of three inches of our gel blue swirl foam. Supporting it is a thick layer of firm foam specifically designed to enhance the performance of the gel layer. What does that mean for you? A medium feel with comfortable support, and even better rest.

12” Profile
3” 4#  gel infused visco
3” 1.65# conventional foam transition foam
6” durable 1.8# conventional foam base

3 Layer Mattresses

S Series Value Mattresses are designed to have a medium feel.
Gel-infused memory foam both cradles and supports your body in all the right places.Air flows freely through the breathable gel-infused foam to dissipate heat away from your body

9” Profile
2” breathable 2.5# Aerus+ visco
7” durable 1.5# conventional foam base

11” Profile
3” breathable 2.5# Aerus+ visco
8” durable 1.5# conventional foam base

Rejuvigel Series

Consumers have different needs in bedding, ranging from cooler sleep surfaces to targeted support and from ache & pain relief to environmental friendliness. Sometimes, it is simply energizing rest. With the broadest line of specialty foams in the industry, ranging from memory foams to high-resilient foams, to foams infused with gel or copper to innovative gel infused waves and from foams offering zoned support to those with enhanced temperature management, FXI offers a solution for every need.

Anew 5 series

Combining several layers of memory and high-resilient foams, the 12” Anew 5 mattress comfortably supports your every sleep movement all night long without holding you down. In fact, the Anew 5 feels almost buoyant; giving you the feeling that you are sleeping ON the mattress, unlike memory foam which feels like you are sleeping IN the mattress.

12” Profile
3” 3# latex like foam
1” 4# Sensus Plus visco
3” 2.5# conventional foam transition foam
6” durable 1.8# conventional foam base

​2 Layer Mattresses

S - Series Mattresses (9", 11" Profiles)

F XI Memory Foam Mattresses